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From systems to processes and everyday interactions, security and data protection is at the core of all we do. Take a look at some insights that can help you stay ahead of cyber threats.

The ABCs of BEC

Business Email Compromise (BEC) continues to be the most effective cyber crime. Employees should be aware of their company’s vulnerabilities and follow best practices. 

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Building a strong cyber response foundation

It’s best to be overly prepared with well-rounded protocols because not every cyber attempt will be deflected.

Accounts payable systems are more flexible than ever. So is the need to keep them safe.

Digitization and automation have made today’s AP systems faster and more efficient. It's also made them more vulnerable to cyber crime. Here’s how to minimize the threat.


Enlist employees

Ask employees to prioritize cyber security and embrace their role in overall company defense.

Review all processes

Review protocols for verifying invoices and payment requests, even from trusted vendors. 

Deploy data analytics

Use machine learning software to detect discrepancies and flag questionable transactions.



How to help your employees understand the real-world impact of breaches

“Each issue of the Cyber Security Journal explores current cyber security topics and actions you can take to mitigate risk.”

Craig Froelich
Chief Information Security Officer, Bank of America

Questions to ask before partnering with a vendor

Third party vendors should meet your company’s unique needs and have accountability. Here’s what you should think about.

Whose job is it to assess vendor risk fundamentals?

How do you set the terms of service and security?

What can help ensure vendor compliance?

How do you gauge trustworthiness?