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Candace Browning

Head of BofA Global Research

August 14, 2022

Must Read Research

It’s summer, time to take a dip! This week we highlight more data supporting excess inventories, a shopping list of what to buy as we get closer to Fed cuts and the significance of the U.S. CHIPS Act. 

Ethan Harris

Head of Global Economics, BofA Global Research

August 12, 2022

Global Economic Weekly: Inflation Takes a Breather

July CPI inflation was well below expectations. A soft headline inflation reading was expected because of the plunge in gasoline prices, but other inflation components also moved lower.

Global Macro Snapshot
June 2022

Global Macro Snapshot: Home price inflation: cool or collapse?”

Home price inflation is very high in many markets, suggesting common factors at work including low borrowing rates and the increased demand for home office space.

Future Tech: Moonshots

Future Tech: Moonshots

Technological innovation is already happening at a faster pace than at any time in human history. BofA Global Research highlights the radical technologies that could disrupt industries, transform the global economy and reward investors.

The “Transwarming” World: A Net Zero Primer

The “Transwarming” World: A Net Zero Primer

Climate change is reshaping more than just the natural environment — it’s also altering the way global society will function for the next millennium. In response, governments, nonprofits and the private sector are racing to find ways to limit the environmental consequences of a warming world.

About Global Research

About Global Research

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