Award Winning Global Research

Delivering the insights you need to help achieve your investment goals

Our award-winning analysts, supported by our BofA Data Analytics team, provide insightful, objective and in-depth research to help you make informed investing decisions. We service individual investors and a wide variety of institutional money managers including hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds and sovereign wealth management funds.

Data driven insights

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BofA Data Analytics offers powerful tools such as social media monitoring, industry surveys, alternative data on jobs and other third-party data sets which, when combined with the insights produced by our experienced research team, uncover new ways of answering fundamental questions across sectors, regions and asset classes. Reports branded BofA Data Analytics are instantly recognizable as containing unique data and analysis.

Disciplines and coverage

  • Global Economics — delivers a broad range of coverage and commentary on more than 50 emerging and developed economies. Our economists study monetary policy and analyze a wide variety of indicators to formulate views on what is driving global economic growth.
  • Global Investment Strategy — offers an in-depth analysis of critical global issues across disciplines, regions and asset classes, providing clients with investment ideas and macro perspectives.
  • Global Equity Research — provides institutional and retail clients with in-depth research and analysis covering more than 4,000 companies in 35 global sectors across developed and emerging markets (EM). Research includes fundamental and technical analysis and hedging strategies.
  • Global Credit Research — encompasses high-grade, high-yield, credit strategy, credit derivatives, mortgages and other structured finance, municipals, indices, EM credit strategy, sovereigns and EM corporate credit research. Our analysts provide in-depth capital structure analysis of corporates and value-added investment ideas.
  • ESG Research — delivers in-depth research and analysis of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment themes across asset classes and regions.
  • Global Rates & Currencies Research — includes rates, foreign exchange, derivatives, and portfolio and risk strategy. Our analysts provide coverage on approximately 45 currencies across more than 50 economies.
  • Global Commodities Research — encompasses fundamental strategy, derivatives and portfolio strategy, metals and bulks. The team provides forecasts and recommendations on approximately 30 commodities.
  • ETF Research — includes coverage on 300 exchange traded funds (ETFs). Our analysts’ ratings reflect both an ETF Outlook (i.e. the ETF’s attractiveness relative to the other ETFs within its category) and a Category Outlook (i.e. BofA Global Research’s view of the ETF’s category).
  • Corporate Access — connects corporates and investors via in-person and virtual conferences, road shows, field trips and strategic access events. Nearly 5,000 corporate access events are held per year.


Clients can access our full suite of proprietary Global Research reports — anywhere, anytime.


A sampling of flagship reports includes:


  • The RIC Report — a monthly publication by the Research Investment Committee (RIC) in which analysts share investment themes and actionable ideas including asset allocation recommendations.
  • Global Fund Manager Survey — a monthly report that canvasses the views of approximately 300 institutional, mutual and hedge fund managers around the world.
  • U.S. Economic Weekly — a weekly guidebook for investors, which covers the upcoming week's economic topics leveraging proprietary indicators, key economic data, debt issuance and policy speakers.
  • The Flow Show — The Investment Strategy team highlight their proprietary Bull & Bear Indicator that illustrates market sentiment based on recent flow data.
  • The Thundering Word — a report featuring our Global Investment Strategy team's best thinking and trade ideas, inclusive of cross-asset, macro themes.
  • Portfolio Strategy — focuses on portfolio construction and strategy guidance for equity portfolios.
  • Liquid Insight — a report from the Global Rates & Currency Research team highlighting their latest views on macro trends in the FX markets.
  • Thematic Reports — a variety of publications which explore the five themes we believe are driving a transforming world: people, innovation, markets, government and earth, and their related sub-themes.
  • Global Proprietary Signals — a monthly report offering macro takeaways from the 50+ indicators maintained by BofA Global Research. Looking at these proprietary indicators collectively provides a more fulsome view on the direction of the economy. The piece also offers observations on the Research department’s various industry indicators, from the Truck Shipper Survey to the home RENO barometer.
  • BofA Global Research Podcasts — a podcast featuring analysts across a variety of sectors and regions offering their views on trending themes—from growth industries to rising risks and opportunities in global markets. New episodes are released weekly.