Merchant Services

Payments are more than transactions. At Bank of America, they are a relationship. A relationship powered by technology and driven by our 24/7 commitment to the growth and success of your business.

Optimizing card acceptance

We offer a wide variety of payment types and methods, plus an increasingly digital customer journey with e-commerce and mobile solutions, all to enable your customers to pay their preferred way. From touchless payment methods to advanced digital payment acceptance, we help make checkout quick, easy and safe.

touchless transaction using mobile phone

Growing your business

State-of-the-art risk management helps protect card data, minimize overall fraud exposure and reduce costs to protect your business and brand while fully integrated gift card programs inspire customer loyalty. We achieve payment efficiencies, manage the cost of acceptance and limit downtime. Plus, our international presence and suite of cross-border solutions empower you to accept payments in more than 130+ currencies and settle in 16 currencies.

touchless transaction using mobile phone

Our unique approach

Our culture is a culture of client commitment. We are dedicated to giving you best-in-class payment solutions built on simplicity, clarity and transparency. We integrate payments into your trusted banking relationship providing a holistic view of your finances. And our comprehensive support ensures you have what you need, both for growth and making business easier.


Introducing Paze digital wallet

PazeSM is a new way to enhance your customers’ online checkout experience. Offered by a consumer’s financial institution, it consolidates their eligible credit and debit cards in a digital wallet, which is automatically recognized during checkout. Merchants can offer consumers this convenience by integrating Paze into their consumer checkout experience, removing the need for manual entry of full card numbers and enabling consumers to choose from cards they already use for online purchases.

Put Merchant Services from Bank of America to work for your business

Enable commerce

Achieve new efficiencies and manage costs while accepting a wide range of payment options

Secure your brand

Implement innovative strategies to protect card data and minimize fraud exposure and costs

Push your digital strategy

Improve your customer’s payment experience with e-commerce payment options

Gain vital insights

Harness your payment data trends to make strategic decisions

Maximize back-office efficiencies

Streamline reporting and reconciliation processes to save time and money

Innovate strategically

Customize leading-edge solutions for your business

Lead the way

Guide you through the complexities of payment acceptance

Align and grow

Partner with you to streamline your process

What if convenience became your eCommerce edge?


Pay by Bank makes online checkout simpler, faster, and more secure for you and your customers.