Receivables Management

Simplify how you collect, process and view receivables while migrating from paper to electronic with our full range of solutions. All designed to enhance your speed, visibility, accuracy and cost-efficiency — locally and globally.

Introducing: A smarter way to reconcile

Bank of America Intelligent Receivables® is an innovative matching solution that helps to take the manual work out of reconciling today’s receipts. 


Because payments and associated remittances often arrive separately, it can mean extra effort to bring the information together.  Using artificial intelligence and various web scanning techniques, Intelligent Receivables scans all remittances for critical information; then enriches the payments with that data and matches them to your open invoice file.  You can enjoy nearly 100% data capture and straight through reconciliation levels that may reach up to 90% or even more.


Handle cash and checks with greater efficiency

Make fewer trips to the bank, lower costs, increase employee productivity and—perhaps best of all— gain faster access to funds for improved working capital. Learn more about cash automation with SafeConnect PlusTM and CASH360TM and electronic check processing with CashPro® Remote Deposit.


Experience greater speed, accuracy and security

Reduce mail float and expedite processing with our extensive lockbox network. Take advantage of our patented accelerated image capture services and online access to remittance details, checks and related correspondence. Our Image Lockbox service is Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified and HIPAA compliant.


Manage receipts online

Get direct access to online receipts with CashPro® Receivables, our comprehensive tool to help reduce your day’s sales outstanding, improve workflows and increase visibility into your cash flows worldwide.


Conveniently access comprehensive electronic solutions, including ACH and file-based receipts through CashPro® Connect.


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