Equipment Financing Solutions

Comprehensive solutions to address your wide-ranging needs.

Putting equipment and capital to work helps businesses grow. That’s why financing, instead of buying, equipment can be a powerful tool enabling you to acquire and upgrade important assets, consider tax advantages, manage risk exposures and strengthen your balance sheet. Pursue your growing ambitions with Global Leasing and our affiliated companies worldwide.

Global platform

Every market is distinct. From your clients and competitors to regulatory and compliance requirements. Through our global leasing platform, we deliver in-region expertise that complements and connects your global business vision.



Americas: Canada, U.S.

Asia Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore

Europe: Germany, Ireland, U.K.

Industry expertise

Knowing how your industry works is how we deliver financing that works best for your industry. This includes general as well as highly specialized equipment needs.


  • Energy Services1
  • Healthcare, Education and Not for Profit1
  • Government1
  • Renewable Energy
  • Tax Credits
  • Corporate & Commercial Aircraft

Comprehensive solutions

Accomplish a wide range of objectives drawing on comprehensive equipment financing solutions.


Raise capital

  • Receive up to 100% financing
  • Access alternative funding sources, including non-bank investors
  • Potentially improve net present value (NPV)


Manage equipment risk

  • Keep pace with evolving technologies and competitors
  • Maintain the flexibility to upgrade
  • Have the ability to purchase leased assets through early buyout and other options


Consider tax advantages

  • Minimize after-tax financing costs through strategic allocation of tax benefits, such as off-balance-sheet financings
  • Manage an inefficient tax position, such as a net operating loss (NOL)


Strengthen your balance sheet

  • Improve multiples and financial ratios, including leverage and return on assets (ROA)
  • Reduce financial covenant constraints

Vendor finance

Providing customer financing can add value to your business and theirs. We can help structure your finance program and offerings to best serve your mutual objectives. And we deliver a full range of services drawing on 60 years of experience working with companies like yours.


  • Global equipment manufacturers
  • Equipment dealers, distributors and resellers
  • Captive finance companies
  • Software and service providers
  • Leasing companies

People and resources

Work with people and resources you can count on to address every facet of equipment finance.


  • Highly skilled teams of sales originators, syndicators, attorneys, accountants, appraisers, credit underwriters, contract administrators and equipment managers
  • Experience serving over 57,000 clients worldwide
  • Largest U.S. equipment financing company

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Legal Disclaimer

1Certain products are offered through Banc of America Public Capital Corp, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of America N.A.