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One of the most important aspects of your job is offering benefits that reflect the needs of your employees and organization. Here’s how we can help.

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2024 Workplace Benefits Report

Our 14th annual report, “The resurging workforce”, provides insights to help companies evolve the needs of today’s workforce

You get more from a leader

With Workplace Benefits, employees have access to the benefits and solutions they need – no matter where they are in work or in life, and no matter the challenge or opportunity they may face. We’ll help you understand what your people need now and where they want to be in the future, through a more holistic view of their financial lives so they’re not just getting any benefit – they’re getting the benefit that’s most relevant to their needs. Watch our video to hear our story.


Solutions and services

We bring a breadth of experience and resources from across Bank of America to help you create programs that engage employees and make your job easier.


Benefits designed around the people and companies we serve

At Bank of America, we see more of the people you see every day. With insights that give your employees the power to see further. We can empower your organization with benefit options that fit all your people wherever they are in their journey.

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Why us

The power and breadth of our resources allow us to provide a benefits program that meets the near-term and long-term needs of your employees.

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Our insights

You benefit from our deep insights gained from millions of interactions and research across the organization. Explore now.

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