Our approach

At Bank of America, financial benefits are people benefits. Finances are connected to nearly every facet of lives and we believe employers can positively impact their employees’ financial wellness by providing a comprehensive program designed to help empower them today, and into tomorrow.


Always evolving to better meet your needs

As a plan sponsor, you need a benefits strategy that can help produce true value for your company and your employees. As you strive to deliver a competitive benefits program you want and need a partner that works just as hard for you.


At Bank of America, we leverage our resources to help you turn your strategic vision into positive outcomes for you and your employees. We work constantly to unearth insights and improve capabilities to provide you with resources to help implement smarter strategies into your business:


  • A holistic view across your employees’ finances to help them meet their everyday financial needs and retirement goals
  • Personal, relevant and actionable engagement strategies, informed by ongoing reporting and active measurement
  • A dedicated team providing plan design consultation
  • A comprehensive wellness program providing the tools, resources, education and guidance to help your employees live their full financial lives

An experienced team can help you design the right plan

When you choose the right provider, it can ease your administrative responsibility and provide attentive, needs-based support for your employees. We're focused on delivering an integrated experience across your plans by providing tools to help manage your day-to-day activities and easy access to data that enables you to track and potentially improve overall plan health.


Our dedicated and passionate team has the experience to provide you with the guidance you need to advance your strategic goals and measure success. We'll work with you to tailor a program to fit the needs of your organization, and most importantly, provide the service and support you need.


Approaching your employees’ needs thoughtfully and holistically

Through our integrated experience your employees have access to the education and guidance they need to help them pursue their personal goals.


We blend high-tech with high-touch to help your employees maximize their benefits. We utilize advanced technology to keep your employees connected and engaged whenever and wherever they need it by offering:


  • Personalized, actionable education and guidance on day-to-day finances as well as long-term planning
  • Seamless and secure digital access, making it easy for employees to manage their entire financial lives online
  • Workshops, webinars, one-on-one consultations and checkups from financial wellness specialists



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