Holistic focus

Rarely is life’s journey straightforward; it’s full of unexpected surprises between regularly scheduled stops. The path to financial wellness is no different, whether it’s the planned purchase of a new home, or the unplanned use of rainy-day funds. Navigating the unexpected is a part of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier. So, when it comes to workplace and retirement benefits, employees need a benefits provider that’s here to help them charge forward with confidence at every step.


With Bank of America Workplace Benefits, employees have access to the benefits and solutions they need—no matter where they are in their financial journey, and no matter the challenge or opportunity they may face. By integrating our offerings across our full set of financial capabilities, we are able to provide a more holistic view of employees’ financial journey, so they’re not just getting any benefit, but they’re getting the benefit that’s most relevant to what they need today and aligned to their goals for tomorrow. Combined with insights from an experienced Bank of America team, we can guide them through those planned and unplanned moments so they can take on their financial journey with more confidence.


We use the insights gained from serving millions of individuals every day, along with data and research, to create individualized experiences for your employees. We believe delivering relevant and meaningful financial guidance in the moments that matter can help inspire better decisions to help employees reach their goals.


The bottom line: Serving broad financial needs all in one place helps simplify employees’ financial lives, while offering you attractive workplace benefits to help you win the war for talent.


Why it matters:

  • Supports holistic wellness to help your workforce reach its full potential.
  • Delivers real-time individualized guidance and meaningful experiences that drive deeper engagement and inspire action.
  • Engages employees using a high-tech, high-touch approach that makes it easy for them to work toward their financial goals across their financial lives.
  • Elevates your workplace benefits offering, while simplifying how it’s delivered.
  • Workplace Benefits offers a more complete benefits package than can differentiate your company’s offering and help you attract and retain talent.

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