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Through the breadth of Bank of America's resources, we can provide benefit programs to a wide range of industries and companies. With powerful tools, personalized guidance and insights backed by research, we can help empower employees to reach a new level of financial confidence and help you, as an employer, get them there.

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Corporations and institutions

With our deep understanding of how finances connect to all facets of people’s lives, we deliver a human experience that comes from knowing what matters most to people. As our client, we'll take the time to truly get to know you so we can help you address the unique needs and challenges of your company and your employees.

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Small businesses

Small business owners have more retirement plan options today than ever before. Implementing a retirement plan most appropriate to your needs and the needs of your employees can help you prepare for retirement.

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We recognize the essential role that consultants play in the retirement and benefit plan industry and look forward to serving as your business resource.

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Women, money, confidence – A lifelong relationship

Insights into the strengths and challenges of women across ages, income levels and ethnicities to foster a better understanding of how to support them on their path to achieving their full financial potential.

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