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You want ways to send funds locally and globally that are fast, smart and more secure. We provide the strategic guidance to help you stay ahead, and innovative solutions that generate new levels of transaction data to improve your real-time decision making. Available anywhere, anytime via our award-winning CashPro® platform.


Send funds instantly on the first new payment network in a generation. Reach millions of consumers via their mobile phones and email. Use your mobile wallet for business expenses.


Cross currency

Connect with recipients in more than 140 currencies in every global region with greater efficiency and convenience.


Make a full range of payments—including payroll, vendor, tax, real estate, securities and more—quickly and easily with our comprehensive scale and expertise.

The CashPro platform

Flexible access and transactions via mobile, desktop, API and file transfer. Anytime, anywhere.

Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) for the EEA

PSD2 is a significant piece of payments-related legislation in the European Economic Area (EEA) which became effective on January 13, 2018. PSD2 is a significant evolution of existing regulation for the payments market. It aims to increase competition in the payments market, bring into scope new types of payment services, and enhance client protection and security and to extend the scope of the previous Payment Services Directive.