Global Real-Time Payments (RTP)

Transact with greater speed and certainty, and 24/7 availability

Global Real-Time Payments can help transform how you transact, making business easier with anytime availability, sender and receiver notifications and enhanced messaging. RTP offers immediate funds availability in domestic currencies and operates on a 24/7/365 model, so users can send and receive payments at any time. Now available in major markets globally with more to come soon.

How it works


  • Funds are transferred and available within seconds
  • Payments are final
  • Enhanced messaging
  • Operates on a 24/7/365 model

Ways to use

  • Immediate local supplier payments
  • Payroll on demand
  • Customer billing and dispute resolution
  • Personal loan disbursements
  • Many other uses

Request for payment

The request for payment functionality is available in select countries. It offers a way to request funds from debtors and allows those debtors to receive and act on requests. This can help increase efficiency with reconciliation while improving your working capital over time. When used with Real-Time Payments, it also offers instant acknowledgment of associated payments, with increased AR/AP efficiencies. The benefits of this functionality include:


  • Improved working capital by reducing late payments 
  • Streamlined invoicing and reconciliation processes  
  • Enhanced transparency on bill payments


Innovations that are available with some schemes include alias registration and routing, QR code generation and scanning, and eCommerce integration. These services ease payment burdens and enhance the customer experience.


To learn more about our global capabilities, please reach out to your Bank of America representative.