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Recipient Select lets your customers decide how they want to receive payments such as insurance claims, royalties, gig-economy wages and more. U.S. recipients can choose from several of today’s leading payment choices—including Zelle®, ACH, PayPal®, Real-Time Payments (RTP®) and Pay to Card—and international recipients in more than 140 countries can choose from payment types such as PayPal and cross-currency ACH. You get all of this in one implementation, without the need to collect sensitive recipient data, so you can securely modernize your back office and adapt to evolving consumer preferences all at once.


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Recipient Select is easy for both you and your customers. Recipients enter their payment instructions through our secure online portal, which will be white-labeled to look like your website, and we take it from there. We collect, validate and store all of the recipient information on your behalf, use the data to complete the payment through the recipient’s preferred method and make all payment data available for you to analyze.


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