Integrated, automated solutions

As the speed of doing business accelerates, so does the need for greater efficiency. Our innovative solutions offer an easy way to streamline workflows — saving time and cost and making FX faster, simpler and more secure.


CashPro® Connect

Automate and streamline how you process global payments with Bank of America’s leading CashPro platform. Improve straight-through processing and gain efficiencies across your transactional processes.

Guaranteed FX rates

See how locking in exchange rates for up to 180 days can ease payments flows, simplify reconciliation and reduce accounting noise due to daily mark-to-market.

FX Receivables

Learn how you can convert inbound foreign currency receipts and concentrate them into your Bank of America account. FX Receivables offers your clients the convenience of paying in local currency, while you reap the many benefits of simplifying your cross-currency collections.


Easily send funds in over 140 different currencies through a single account — simplifying the process and enabling you and your customers to do more business globally.   

FX Trade and Pay

Trade and settle anywhere through a single solution offering real-time rate visibility, flexible workflows and seamless access to comprehensive tools.

Multicurrency Netting

Centralize your intercompany transactions with FX netting to save time, reduce wire transfers and FX expenses.


Recipient Select

Let your beneficiaries choose how they get paid with Recipient Select. Global payouts can be made via cross-currency ACH, wire or international bank cards.

Instant Cross-border Payments (IXP)

IXP enables initiation and disbursement of low-value, high volume, cross-border payments in near real-time. It creates a transparent and instant disbursement of funds to beneficiaries across international borders.

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Use APIs to deliver an on-time treasury experience in a connected ecosystem. Our CashPro Developer Studio provides information on APIs and how to integrate with them.

Data-powered solutions

Harness data intelligence to scan outbound payments and automatically convert them into a beneficiary’s local currency — giving you greater payment efficiency, reduced foreign bank liſting fees and an improved client experience.

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