Instinct® Loans: a Trading Solution for Syndicated Loans

Efficient pricing. Transparent liquidity. Seamless execution.

Key takeaways

  • Instinct® Loans is an electronic platform offered by BofA Securities that allows institutional clients to trade broadly syndicated loans.
  • The platform’s leading-edge functionality provides an easy and intuitive way to trade, combining our market-leading trading desk with our proprietary technology, offering better liquidity, information and efficiency of execution.
  • The Instinct Loans application is available within the BofA Mercury® platform. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact your sales coverage.

We are pleased to offer Instinct® Loans, an innovative electronic platform designed to simplify and enhance the secondary trading of syndicated corporate loans.


Instinct Loans is designed to improve liquidity by bringing market participants together at one time. For large syndicated loans, our trading desk sets fixed, mid market prices and then hosts simple matching sessions. During the sessions, clients bid or offer against the mids for a low, flat commission. When two participants match, they automatically, immediately and discretely trade.

Key benefits
  • Trade with simplicity
  • Take advantage of liquidity
  • Execute with low, fixed bid/offer costs
  • Maintain control and confidentiality
  • Request expedited settlement

For more information on BofA’s Instinct Loans platform, contact your sales representative.