Independent pricing. Broker-dealer insight.

Key takeaway

  • Powered by BofA Securities, PriceServe gives market professionals an edge by delivering high quality pricing with access to the market insight and modeling tools of one of the world’s leading broker-dealers. Our dedicated pricing and client service teams provide timely, trusted valuations to achieve your critical objectives.

PriceServe, the fixed income pricing service from BofA Securities, combines the resources and insight of a leading global capital markets franchise with a dedication to independent valuations and focused customer service.


The PriceServe Advantage


It’s not enough to simply observe and reflect publicly available trade levels once they occur.


Trade data is an important driver of valuations in the securitized products space; however, given the size of the overall universe of outstanding securities, only a very small number of trades occur each day.


PriceServe employs a proactive approach of assessing the relative value impact of this information across all related sectors and risk profiles, and then makes the appropriate adjustments to its pricing assumptions and inputs to reflect real-time market convention.


A powerful combination of resources and expertise – that’s what PriceServe delivers.

Independent, informed, insightful valuations on a diverse array of complex fixed income securities

  • Pricing quality and market perspective of a broker-dealer while maintaining independence, customer confidentiality and strict operational controls
  • Extensive pricing methodology available to customers and their auditors
  • Evaluators who are fully accessible to speak with customers, and share pricing inputs and related market color employed for any particular valuation
  • Extensive modeling and quantitative abilities to price complex, hard-to-value assets requiring in-depth review

Leveraging the strengths of BofA Securities

  • The PriceServe evaluation staff is a seasoned team of market professionals with prior experience across structuring, trading, research, portfolio valuation and asset management roles
  • Evaluators draw upon market spreads, trade data, bid list color, inventory levels and market insight from BofA Securities' trading franchise and global research platform, as well as from other sources of market data and color
  • Cash flow analysis and price calculation are performed using cutting edge proprietary models created and maintained by BofA Securities' Fixed Income Modeling, Research and Quantitative teams

The evaluation process


On-demand client service

  • Dedicated team to manage client queries and requests
  • Comprehensive price inquiry process addresses customer challenges in a timely manner
  • Client records are maintained by the Client Service team in adherence with industry retention guidelines
  • Pricing is subject to other internal controls
  • Confidentiality is maintained on client, and position information is not shared with the trading desks

Audit and regulatory support

  • Accurate and independent pricing is critical to satisfying audit and regulatory requirements
  • Auditors and regulators demand transparency and the ability to support valuations
  • PriceServe helps clients satisfy these requirements and gives clients needed comfort in their valuations

Primary product coverage

  • ABS
  • Agency MBS – CMOs & Derivatives
  • Bespoke Analytics and Solutions
  • CDOs – ABS, CRE, Trust Preferred
  • CLOs
  • CMBS
  • Esoteric Securities
  • European ABS, CLOs & RMBS
  • Non Agency/Subprime CMOs, Derivatives & ReREMICs
  • Residual Tranches (Residential and ABS)
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Whole Loans (Residential, CRE, Consumer)

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