Using local currencies can help your bottom line

Businesses like yours may be missing out on the benefits of transacting in foreign currencies — from saving costs and improving relationships to opening up new markets overseas. Whether you are new to FX, or not sure how and when to take advantage, we specialize in making it simpler. See below for more on how FX works, then visit our FX solutions page to get started.

Why transact in foreign currencies?

Whether you’re entering one or multiple overseas markets, your choice of transaction currency has important implications. Learn why paying in U.S. dollars isn’t necessarily the best approach.

Why should I switch?

Using your home currency for your overseas business feels easy, but it simply moves the risk associated with currency transactions from you to your suppliers or customers. In return, they deduct it from what they pay you, or add it to what you pay them. Using local currencies helps avoid this and offers additional benefits.
Watch our video for insights on gaining more control over the prices you pay, and read how transacting in local currencies could save money and increase efficiency.
See how setting prices in your customers’ currencies could attract new business and offer greater convenience.

How do FX markets work?

Learn about currency trading.

Ready to get started?

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