Payments for Good

E4E Relief accelerates emergency payments

E4E Relief is a Charlotte, NC-based nonprofit that’s at the forefront of helping to provide financial assistance to those affected by disaster. They partner with corporate clients to send aid payments to tens of thousands of employees annually, helping them when they need it most.


Recently, Bank of America helped E4E Relief embrace digital payments to help people get back on their feet faster.

Fast relief payments, powered by Zelle®

In 2017, E4E Relief disbursed 13,000 grants in just 16 weeks. Most payments were sent via ACH, which was slow and cumbersome for recipients while creating data-storage burdens for E4E Relief.


After 2017, E4E Relief began evaluating new ways to send aid payments faster. They chose Global Digital Disbursements from Bank of America, which uses Zelle®, a mobile payments network that enables money to be sent easily from one bank account in the U.S. to another. This has led to fast aid for recipients, plus significant cost savings and less administrative burden for E4E Relief.

Benefits of Global Digital Disbursements


What’s next for E4E Relief

Global Digital Disbursements has been transformative for E4E Relief and is helping them shape a faster, easier future. They are now exploring the ability to receive donations to PayPal® from accounts outside of the U.S.

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1Once payment is sent and recipient is enrolled, funds can arrive as quickly as minutes or may take up to three business days. U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®.