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CashPro®: Smart. Powerful. Scalable.

Your complete digital banking solution that leverages the latest in AI and machine learning to help optimize, protect, and enable the financial performance of your business, from small to large.

Drive performance, reduce risk and grow your business

See how CashPro can help you benefit from predictive analytics to gain valuable insights into your treasury operations. All to help you make decisions that can drive performance, reduce risk and grow your business.

Need more reasons to love CashPro? Here’s three.

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Data Intelligence

Optimize your business decisions with our award winning CashPro Forecasting and CashPro App technologies, which leverage machine learning and predictive analytics that provide tangible, business-critical insights.

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Treasury Integration

Arrive at financial insights faster with automation and utilize CashPro APIs as a simple way to connect apps and software together for real-time solutions to real-world problems.

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Thoughtful Innovation

Utilize powerful digital tools with intuitive features designed to give you control of your day-to-day tasks. Features like an easy and secure QR sign-in widget and a search function for faster access to your data and information.

Your complete digital banking platform

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Innovative ways to reach your recipients

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Faster access to funds and simpler reconciliations

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Guidance and solutions to help optimize your cash

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Manage your investments more effectively with extensive research tools and reporting capabilities

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FX Services

Make global transactions easier with a complete digital platform for payments, receipts, and hedging

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Trade and Supply Chain

A wider range of traditional trade and digital supply chain services from a single global platform.

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