CashPro® Data Intelligence

Transform your treasury. Turn data into insights.


Our CashPro Data Intelligence suite of products cuts through your treasury data to provide actionable insights that can help you make more informed treasury decisions and even help you strengthen your security.

Payments insights

The payments insights analyze your data and use data visualization to provide personalized, actionable insights. They can help you save money, optimize payments processes and better protect accounts. These four dashboards reveal opportunities for you.


  • Payments Efficiency: Presents potential savings by comparing digital and check payments
  • Supplier Propensity: Estimates working capital gains by analyzing suppliers’ payments frequencies
  • Cross-border Payments: Suggests optimizations to your FX strategy
  • Fraud Protection: Estimates reduction in exposed balances by using fraud protection services

Security insights

This security meter in the CashPro App keeps your data under wraps by scanning your individual security controls and suggesting stronger protections, like:


  • Enabling biometrics
  • Downloading security updates
  • Enabling QR code sign-in
  • Using security best practices

"The amount of data we can now tap into using CashPro Insights is jaw-dropping. We had been creating these KPIs internally and it took us many steps to get to these same valuable data points. Now they are right at our fingertips."

CashPro Forecasting

Powered by predictive analytics, CashPro Forecasting is easy to use and provides complete visibility into all your accounts, including those at other banks.

This powerful solution:

  • Creates customized reporting on risk, audits and more, all in one tool.
  • Keeps track of your cash flows for you, saving you time.
  • Becomes smarter over time.
  • Is available in CashPro, with no new implementation.

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