Digital transformation in Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable teams must balance strategic organizational goals with critical day-to-day functions like never before. In this article series, we highlight the digital transformation in Accounts Payable from tactical to strategic, and how it can help your company improve working capital, optimize costs and future-proof your business.

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Key objectives for Accounts Payable teams

The modern Accounts Payable function involves the following key elements:

  • Mitigating modern risk - Protecting payment methods through proactive authentication of the supplier network
  • Automating for efficiency - Centralizing disparate systems and automating the payment process to improve decision-making
  • Supporting supply chains - Boosting supplier cash flow through flexible payment options, and simplifying supplier communication through a global supplier network
  • Adding quantifiable value - Improving working capital, optimizing revenue opportunities and freeing up resources for strategic initiatives