Comprehensive Payables

Accounts Payable Automation with one of the largest B2B networks

Are manual processes burying your AP team under paper and checks?

There’s a better way to manage your business and consumer payments. Comprehensive Payables from Bank of America offers flexible solutions that can be designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

What Comprehensive Payables can do for you.

The flexibility of accounts payable automation can benefit your business in multiple ways:

Save time

Improve performance and productivity so you can focus on other business needs.

Enhance cash flow

Control your electronic payment timing to improve finances and reduce the need for checks.

Make your AP profitable

Earn rebate on card and ACH spend while reducing your manual processing costs.

Mitigate fraud exposure

Diminish security threats with multiple layers of protection, including vendor bank validation and multifactor authentication.

Strengthen supplier relationships

Provide transparency of invoice and payment status, enabling suppliers to resolve issues quickly. 

Count on our team

From initial discovery through implementation, our experts will help you reach your goals.

Comprehensive, yes. Complex, no.

All these benefits are within reach. Comprehensive Payables integrates simply with your ERP and accounting systems, enabling you to send a single file for all of your payment types: virtual card, ACH and check payments. Day one payment automation is yours when you harness the power of a network of 600,000 suppliers who already accept electronic payments.

Even the first step is easy.

Contact your Bank of America representative today to learn about how automating your business and consumer payments can help you and your business.