Virtual Travel Cards

The next evolution of centralized travel payments

Streamline your travel process with our global Virtual Travel Card solution that generates a one-time, virtual account number every time you need to pay. Whether you’re booking a trip for someone without a corporate card or seeking a better grip on your program, Virtual Travel Cards can make it happen. Helping your travel managers optimize their travel programs, implement stronger controls, and get best-in-class enriched travel data.

Benefits of Virtual Travel Cards

Save money

  • Shift more spend to preferred air, hotel and transportation providers and leverage your buying power to negotiate deeper discounts
  • Strengthen travel policy compliance
  • Eliminate agency and supplier invoice markups, and leverage your travel providers and policy by shifting non-employee spend to Virtual Travel Cards

Integrate with ease

  • Use with or without a Travel Management Company
  • Integrates into most online booking tools, but can also be used if reservation is made through a phone call to your Travel Management Company
  • Provide travelers access to view Virtual Travel Cards, capture receipts and request cards via mobile app
  • Ability to post reconciled transactions to your financial system, allowing your road warriors to worry less about expense statements

Save time

  • Reduce your employees’ time spent creating expense reports and your time spent auditing those transactions
  • Deploy real-time virtual account numbers for lost wallets and stranded travelers
  • Reduce purchase orders, checks and one-time supplier payments
  • Save time and effort with automated reconciliation
  • Get enriched transaction data at your fingertips for easier, better reporting
  • Travelers get a frictionless experience

Capture new spend

  • Book travel for people who don’t have a corporate card, including infrequent travelers, recruits, contractors, suppliers and customers
  • Use Virtual Travel Cards to help keep your meetings and events within approved budgets
  • Drive spending growth across additional categories, incidental spend, one-time expenses, conference fees, utilities, donations and much more

Customizable controls

Define your own limits to increase security and decrease the potential for fraud and misuse.

Chart of customizable controls

Use cases

Pharmaceuticals sales

  • Centralize travel bookings to leverage spend
  • Focus on sales, not expense reports



  • Pay for travel and incidental spend for non-employees
  • Centralize payment


A/P procurement teams

  • Eliminate one time supplier set ups
  • Pay for items non-travel related


Event Planners

  • Eliminate one time supplier set ups
  • Pay for items non-travel related



  • Promote compliance with NCAA Reporting Standards
  • Carry less cash


Essential travelers

  • Utility, trucking, hospitals, medical response teams, grocery stores


Stranded travelers

  • Financially support travelers in emergencies
  • Help honor your Duty of Care



  • Financially support travelers in emergencies
  • Centralize payments and reduce agency mark ups