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In these unprecedented times, we continue to serve operating companies, franchisees and franchisors as we have since 1959. Delivering solutions, strategic financial advice and insights based on extensive industry expertise. Through the highs and lows of every market cycle, we’re here to help the restaurant industry move forward. 

Cover image of the State of the Restaurant Industry report — 2023

State of the Restaurant Industry 2023

With price pressures easing and Americans dining out, restaurant owners may be looking forward to a more prosperous 2024. Read our newest report for leader perspectives from our industry experts.


Read the 2023 State of the Restaurant Industry

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Draw on our specialized restaurant knowledge and expansive financial capabilities to pursue your goals.

Fund operations – Comprehensive financing, across equity and debt capital raising, recapitalization and refinancing


Enhance cash flows and efficiency – Information, analytics and tools for greater control over your working capital


Finance equipment purchases - Enables you to acquire and upgrade important assets, consider tax advantages, manage risk exposures and strengthen your balance sheet.


Innovate with mobile payment and loyalty programs – Innovative payment-acceptance, from mobile and tap-to-pay credit cards, to gift cards and loyalty programs, to prepaid cards, checks and ePayments


Conduct international business – Local expertise and wide-ranging capabilities across the U.S. and multiple global regions 


Gain strategic investment banking advice – Capital markets and M&A, divestitures, management-led buyouts, joint ventures, and franchising


Manage financial, market and operational risks – Interest-rate hedging, currencies, commodities and more


Support employees – Healthcare and health-savings accounts, retirement and benefit plans and financial education


Preserve personal wealth – Holistic approach to help you build, protect, enjoy and pass on what you’ve earned


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Whether you need to raise capital, improve payments or operations, remodel, upgrade equipment, enhance hiring and retention efforts, or expand, let’s work together to shape your future. 


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