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Michael Hartnett

Chief Investment Strategist

2023 Year Ahead Outlook

From recession to rebound, BofA Global Research shares its latest views. 

Candace Browning

Head of BofA Global Research

February 05, 2023

Must Read Research

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. This week we help investors navigate cross currents in the market, interpret 4Q earnings to suggest a difficult environment for U.S. companies and present the bull case for European banks.

Ethan Harris

Head of Global Economics, BofA Global Research

February 03, 2023

Global Economic Weekly: "R" is for resilience

Despite all the talk of recession risks, the global economy refuses to roll over.

About Global Research

About Global Research

Our award-winning analysts, supported by our BofA Data Analytics team, provide insightful, objective and in-depth research to help you make informed investing decisions. We service individual investors and a wide variety of institutional money managers including hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds and sovereign wealth management funds.

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