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Candace Browning

Head of BofA Global Research

February 25, 2024

Must Read Research: Longer days have brought stronger rallies

Longer days have brought stronger rallies. This week we discuss fresh 34-year highs in Japan equities and three ways to revive European banks.


Also featuring commentary from Global Economic Weekly

bofa global research

podcast episode: december 5, 2023

Our Outlook for 2024: Breadth in Rate Cuts and Markets

Global Research expects central banks in developed economies to start cutting rates in '24, inflation to slow further & the USD to weaken.


Featured Guests
Claudio Irigoyen, Head of Global Economics

Michael Hartnett,  Chief Investment Strategist

Mark Cabana,  Head of U.S. Rates Strategy

Savita Subramanian, Head of U.S Equity and Quantitative Strategy

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About Global Research

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