CashPro Forecasting™

Take a smarter approach to cash forecasting

Accurate and efficient cash forecasting is more important than ever. CashPro Forecasting from Bank of America is the smart solution—powered by machine learning and predictive analytics—that’s easy to use and provides complete visibility into all your accounts, including those at other banks. It’s part of a smarter, more sophisticated treasury relationship that redefines insights and delivers efficiency.

Ways you can benefit


Serves up data-driven insights, predictions and analytics on demand. 


Creates customized reporting on risk, audits and more, all in one tool. 


Keeps track of your cash flows for you, saving you time.


Machine learning makes your forecasts smarter over time. 

No cost

Available in CashPro, with no new implementation — for free.

Get started today

Reach out to your Bank of America treasury officer to learn more.