CashPro Forecasting™

Take a smarter approach to cash forecasting

Accurate and efficient cash forecasting is more important than ever. CashPro Forecasting from Bank of America is the smart solution—powered by machine learning and predictive analytics—that’s easy to use and provides complete visibility into all your accounts, including those at other banks. It’s part of a smarter, more sophisticated treasury relationship that redefines insights and delivers efficiency.

A new era in cash forecasting

How can machine learning help companies get a better grip on future cash flows? Our Karen Ly and Paul Smithwood cover ways you can harness data and improve confidence.

Ways you can benefit

  • Embedded in CashPro for a complete view of your accounts, including multibank
  • Just turn it on to automatically get machine-generated forecasts
  • Customize forecasts with your unique transaction categories
  • Reduce the need to manually create and update spreadsheets
  • Machine learning makes your forecasts smarter by continuing to learn over time
  • Get forecasts by day, week or month—from one day up to a year into the future

Who’s it for?

  • Clients of any size who use CashPro Information Reporting
  • Companies whose current forecasting process relies on excessive manual labor
  • Companies whose actual cash flows tend to vary significantly from their forecasts
  • Companies with seasonal cash flows who want to better plan for slower times
  • Lean treasury teams who want to improve forecasting without adding headcount or new tech systems

Get started today

Reach out to your Bank of America treasury officer to learn more.