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About us

Our relationship managers work side by side with mid-sized businesses, leveraging local knowledge, industry expertise and best-in-class solutions to improve operations and foster growth.

Empowering businesses with a local team


We provide award-winning advisory and banking services to more than 21,000 U.S. companies with annual revenue of $5 million to $50 million. Clients benefit from our expert guidance and best-in-class digital capabilities in credit, treasury, trade, foreign exchange, equipment finance, merchant services and wealth management.


“As our clients change and grow, we are there for them to be their advisory banking partner, poised to provide everything they need to run their businesses, from start-up to global player.”


How we work


Our approach is simple: We listen. We discuss. We collaborate. Backed by industry-specific expertise and specialized teams, our relationship managers develop tailored advice and solutions that help companies grow, improve cash flow, and invest for the future.


We live where we work. We’re active in our communities. And because of that, we value our clients’ stories and understand their objectives.


Helping communities thrive


Our holistic approach to working with businesses extends to their communities and local economies. We support community efforts to address issues such as affordable housing, hunger, and racial and gender equity. We help businesses navigate the transition to a low-carbon economy. And we can equip business owners with tools to improve the financial wellness of their employees.


We’re committed to helping our clients and their communities thrive. We believe the right mix of understanding, collaboration and innovative thinking helps build a better future for everyone.

a local advisor

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Don’t have one? We can help you find one who’s local and knows what it takes to succeed in your community.