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Bank of America Breakthrough Lab® is an impact accelerator program with a focus on providing business and economic opportunities to diverse and underrepresented entrepreneurs. Visit our application page to learn more about program eligibility and how it works.


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"Before joining Breakthrough Labs, I was burnt out and made the decision not to join after we were accepted. I'd had a string of failures and really didn't think I had the energy to commit anymore. I'm grateful that the Breakthrough Lab staff convinced me to stay on pace to join because while in Breakthrough (BTL), I received the mentorship and connections that helped my startup go from 1 to 12 employees, reach self-sustaining revenue levels, and build out the next version of our technology. I am forever grateful."

David Hunt - Founder, FRAMEWRK

Meet the Team

Rodney Gardner | Managing Director, Co-Head — GTS Social & Economic Action Council

Rina Arline | Managing Director, Global Program Director

Linda Haddad | Director, Program Coordinator - Global

Eveanandi Butler | Director, Program Coordinator - Americas

Natalie Floyd | Vice President, Program Coordinator - EMEA 

Jessica Greene | Analyst, Program Analyst - Global

Bank of America Breakthrough Lab’s current cohort

United States

Chama Capital - assesses and connects women-owned businesses to financing options through their Business Grants Directory and funding partner network 


ForOurLastNames - a FinTech SaaS that gamifies the gap between investing & education, for first-generation wealth builders


Inspirame - a platform that assists users in securing affordable higher education certificates & degrees while simultaneously meeting the enrollment and workforce demands of partner institutions & industry


Kaoshi - open finance APIs that democratizes access to industry-leading cross-border payment infrastructure, enabling clients to offer embedded cross-border payments within their existing product offerings


KidVestors - a financial curriculum software partnering with schools, districts, and financial services partners to educate K-12 students on finance and investing to close the racial wealth gap


KURA - a cross-border fintech and digital payment acceptance platform disrupting the traditional remittances space by providing instant funding and more transparency on all cross-border transactions


Need2Say - provides construction workers with real-time, AI-powered safety insights, while removing language barriers between American workers and non-native English-speaking workers


ShapYa - a digital ecosystem offered to minority-owned grocery stores and restaurants, comprised of ShapYa’s marketplace app, online ordering, white label app, and a dashboard to control digital inventory and online sales


Share Farm - empowering ethical procurement through climate-smart sourcing, carbon traceability, and genuine social impact


Shur - a B2B2C Fintech/Insurtech building and deploying financial products, training, and planning tools to move student loan borrowers from debt to wealth creation


TecHustle, Inc. - a payment platform for small businesses in the US and Africa to trade seamlessly, securely, and swiftly


TRIBE - a mental health platform on a mobile application specially curated for the black experience. TRIBE connects black individuals with black therapists and offers tools and resources tailored to unique experiences.


Truffle Health - helps patients save money on their health care by detecting errors and overcharges on medical bills


Guaraná Bank - a platform to invest in solar power energy projects in Latam, providing energy producers with competitive rates and positive environmental impact


Holacasa – an end-to-end mortgage solution for Real Estate agents in LATAM


Nippy – an online platform that connects gig-workers with services, benefits, and opportunities to improve their lives


Sommos - digitizes rotating savings and credit associations (ROSCA) to help banks, retailers, and microfinance institutions culturally connect with their users


Wupo - a Saas that automates the client journey, payments and data analytics for traditional companies in weeks and without coding


IPOXCap - is a financial technology company that leverages generative AI and machine learning to provide analysis and insights based on data, providing a comprehensive view of a company’s financial health and forecasts to empower financial decision-making. Our primary market is financial professionals and investors who require sophisticated, yet user-friendly tools to process, analyze, and generate insights from financial data.


Lukango- is a connected platform that uses customer data to offer dynamic insurance products to the underserved small business and sole professional community


Millicent Labs Limited- creates modern payment and settlement infrastructures that bridge the gap between the structure and safeguards of today’s financial systems and the exponential advantages of distributed ledger technology.  Improving processes and reducing risks for financial institutions, while lowering fees and frictions for their customers, Millicent aims to help create a world where financial empowerment is within everyone's reach.


Social Blox- is on a mission to bring social impact to communities globally. Currently offering a range of services, including a fully digitalised platform to enable non-profits and community groups to amplify their fundraising and build more engaged, resilient communities. Social Blox has also launched free in-school workshops to educate children on climate change and will soon launch an exclusive community group for female founders of colour to come together and drive change.  


Snappay Payments Technologies - provides an SDK and API to perform real-time facial recognition authentication for online card transactions and transfers requiring 2FA(two-factor authentication), or payment authentications as are necessary for business accounts that can be integrated into banks or Fintechs.


Sampatti Card - builds income, employment, and repayment records for informal workers to provide them access to financial services. Sampatti Card is the combination of card and a multilingual voice-based whatsapp financial assistant allowing users to facilitate contracts, salary payments and access formal financial products such as credit, savings, investments, and insurance products.


WhatsLoan - a NeoLending Digital Platform offered on LaaS – Loan-as-a-Service - mode to meet the credit needs of Farmers, Consumers and Small Businesses with a micro modular, cloud based platform that is offered to banks & lenders, designed to work seamlessly with their existing systems.


CloudBankin - a smart AI, low-code orchestration platform that enables complex workflows, dynamic underwriting processes and pluggable API integrations for efficient banking.

Program alumni

These are the companies that have graduated from the Bank of America Breakthrough Lab:

United States

Latin America


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