Educating and empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs

Bank of America Breakthrough Lab™ is an impact accelerator program that provides economic opportunity and capital access to Black, Hispanic-Latino, Native American and other underrepresented entrepreneurs. Visit our application page to learn more about program eligibility and how it works.

What makes Bank of America Breakthrough Lab™ unique?

We work with and support underrepresented entrepreneurs by offering tailored executive sponsorships and mentorships to founders.

Bank of America will provide program participants with digital expertise, industry connections and access to investors and other providers of capital. Founders will also receive the day-to-day benefits of our part-time program that is designed to give them flexibility and ongoing assistance with developing their brand identity. Best of all, the program is offered at no cost and there is no requirement to exchange equity with BofA.

Meet the leaders

Bank of America Breakthrough Lab is part of a larger initiative from Bank of America to help advance economic and social progress worldwide. The program is developed and led by a diverse team of industry experts.

Rodney Gardner | Managing Director, Co-Head — GTS Social & Economic Action Council

Derrick Walton | Managing Director, Emerging Payments, Program Sponsor

Rina Arline | Managing Director, Program Director

Linda Haddad | Director, Program Coordinator

Eveanandi Butler | Director, Program Coordinator

Bank of America Breakthrough Lab’s current cohort

Meet the companies that are part of the program.





Two CPA founders created Muse to empower consumer and small business taxpayers to take advantage of oſten-overlooked tax credits and deductions, while connecting taxpayers with financial products and services that put more money in their pockets.



WealthMore is the premium human-powered, tech-enabled Private Banking service without the premium price tag.


My Home Pathway

My Home Pathway is an app that uses a proprietary algorithm to guide first-time home buyers to approval faster by analyzing data and providing individualized recommendations to improve risk profiles and meet mortgage underwriting requirements of their partners.


Moneta Tech

Moneta is a plugin app that integrates with point of sales systems to issue QR codes for cash receipts. Moneta enables franchisees/retailers to provide change digitally to their customers that operate in cash.



SpenDebt is an application that deducts micropayments (i.e. $1.00) with every debit card and banking transaction, allowing customers to automatically spend and pay off debt at the same time.


It Starts With Me

It Starts With Me is a financial education platform that aims to revolutionize the way students understand finance through comprehensive, interactive and informative programming.



RE:LINK is a Web3 company launching "The Timbucktoo", the first-ever Physical NFT marketplace where creators, culture-makers and entrepreneurs are able to pair NFTs to physical products and create IRL (In Real Life) experiences.



HomeBase is a homeownership platform that provides the tools, information and community that people need to make better-informed decisions on homeownership, including down payment grants, loans and more.



Locol is a digital platform that connects students seeking real-world experience and income with small businesses in need of freelance projects.


Quinn Cobbledger

Quinn Cobbledger uses voice recordings to reduce risk, increase employee retention and hire qualified candidates faster.


NudgU® is an AI-powered application focused on managing personal finances. This ultra-personalized ecosystem adjusts to different expenses, goals and budgeting methods to enhance users' relationships to money.



Mobilizing community health workers to deliver trusted and culturally competent care.



Framewrk is a technology that connects startup founders together to build emotional well-being, while their machine learning-based consultant delivers strategic insights to build venture backable companies.





TradeIn is an all-in-one cash dynamic SaaS solution built upon AI that enables SMEs to get instant access to embedded working capital financing.



Pardna App leverages your familial social capital and trust networks to unlock super low cost short term borrowing and help you achieve saving goals.





Rondu is a fintech solution that provides a savings and investments platform for bank/fintech account holders across Latin America and Mexico.



Creizer helps Latin American digital businesses grow their sales by providing them with fast and fair capital in the form of a loan they can use to invest in their business and easily pay back.

Program alumni

These are a few of the companies that have graduated from the Bank of America Breakthrough Lab:

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Treasury4Good Bank and Fintech Awards — Best
Social Innovator

Treasury Management International (TMI) has awarded Bank of America the 2022
Treasury4Good Bank and Fintech Awards — Best Social Innovator, for our Breakthrough
Lab™ program.

The TMI award recognizes financial institutions that have excelled in embedding ESG, CSR
and D&I elements into their treasury processes and are dedicated to continuing CSR