Faster, more secure purchases on-the-go

Welcome to Mobile Wallet. Now available globally.

Pay quickly and easily at thousands of places throughout the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions with Mobile Wallet from Bank of America. It's the first time Mobile Wallets have been made available globally for commercial cardholders. Because we're in the business of making business easier.

Easy to upload

Adding a card to your Mobile Wallet is a snap—literally. Open your phone’s mobile wallet app, take a picture of your card (or enter it manually) and verify. You’ll get a notice once your card is active, and then you’re ready to pay.

Enhanced security

Using your Mobile Wallet is more secure than paying with plastic. Every Mobile Wallet purchase gets a unique, one-time account number that can’t be traced back to your card. Merchants never see your account number. Your info stays private and secure.

Choose your platform

Your BofA commercial card works with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®. Offering you maximum flexibility and choice.

To learn more, speak to your BofA representative.


Read our FAQfact sheet and Terms and Conditions for more information.

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