CashPro® Assistant

Easy online document exchange and more

CashPro Assistant is a powerful suite of solutions that streamline how you interact with us. Whether it’s electronic signing and exchanging documents online, tracking up-to-the-minute status of onboarding and service requests, or viewing guides and tutorials, CashPro Assistant makes it easier to get business done. Helping you work in ways that are fast, smart and secure.

Mobile mockup of CashPro Assistant capabilities

Faster document exchange, no email required

Whether you’re opening a new account or completing an annual review, CashPro Assistant eliminates the hassles of using secure email to fulfill onboarding requirements. Just log in to CashPro to view requests from the bank, upload documents and send them to us.

Easier monitoring and status tracking

CashPro Assistant’s service dashboard enables you to track and take action on open service requests in real time. A handy to-do list highlights required actions, and our secure document center makes it easy to electronically sign and send us related files.

More convenient signer management

View, add, remove and modify account signatories with greater ease and convenience. CashPro Assistant authority management can help make it happen, with just a few clicks.

Additional capabilities

Research transactions online. Boost cash flow with analytics and global balance visibility. View videos, guides and other resources. Live chat with BofA service representatives. All with CashPro Assistant.

Additional CashPro Assistant capabilities

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