Bank of America Complete AP

Automating Accounts Payable, from invoice to payment

Bank of America Complete AP automates the entire Accounts Payable cycle, from invoice receipt and approval to payment execution.  By integrating with your accounting or ERP system, you retain control while reducing paper and manual processes—simplifying your switch to digital.

How it works

  • Your suppliers submit invoices directly to Complete AP
  • Invoices are digitized and prepopulated with header-level data
  • Complete AP routes the invoices to the correct team for approval
  • Organized queues, alerts, and audit keep the approval process on track
  • Once approved, you can initiate payments through a single file
  • We work with your suppliers to process and follow up on payments via virtual card, enhanced ACH and check, according to the suppliers’ saved preferences

Would AP automation be a good fit for you?

Bank of America Complete AP can be especially powerful for businesses that: 


  • Have distributed operations and need to centralize AP processes
  • Make 75% of payments via check
  • Process more than 150 payments and/or 200 invoices per month
  • Need better visibility into finances
  • Frequently make late payments due to inefficient processes
  • Plan to grow without adding headcount
  • Want to move to a digital system and eliminate the filing cabinets
  • Seek increased security and fraud protection

To get started, speak with your Bank of America representative.

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