Cash Management Essentials

Cash Management Essentials


Bank of America Merrill Lynch Cash Management Essentials is a suite of cash management solutions that can help you gain better control over your daily financial activities. Your business can benefit from easy-to-understand monthly pricing, a simplified choice of solutions and a dedicated client team that aligns Cash Management Essentials to your unique needs. You have a core set of capabilities powered by CashPro® Online, our award-winning cash management platform used by many leading businesses worldwide.


  • Account Management
  • Payments and Receivables
  • Fraud Protection
  • Account Information and Reporting


Cash Management Essentials Agreement



Pension Plans governed by ERISA or similar laws


You may be, or may be acting on behalf of, a pension plan governed by ERISA or similar laws.  U.S. Department of Labor rules under ERISA section 408(b)(2) require that certain service providers furnish disclosures about their services and compensation arrangements to the responsible plan fiduciary of their ERISA plan clients.


This disclosure for all relevant lines of business and products in our Global Banking & Markets (GBAM) business segment is available at:


Please note that the disclosure in this website will be updated periodically as required under these rules.  Please check this web address from time to time for any updates.

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