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Learn about workplace benefits trends and timely insights from Bank of America leaders to help you support the need of your employees.

Women, money, confidence: A lifelong relationship

Being proactive about financial wellness is important for everyone -- but even more so for women. Listen in as we discuss a financial roadmap for women at every life stage, from entering the workforce to transitioning into retirement.


Lisa Margeson

Managing Director, Retirement Research External Affairs

Cynthia Hutchins

Director of Financial Gerontology, Retirement Research & Insights

Making informed decisions about Social Security

Help employees make informed decisions about their Social Security benefits by sharing this informative audiocast from Bank of America.


Ben Storey

Director, Retirement Research and Insights

Jess Byrd

Vice President, Financial Wellness Consultant

The discussion of social security is general in nature, is intended for informational purposes only, and is not all-encompassing.

The circumstances surrounding each situation differ, and additional eligibility requirements or restrictions may apply.

Best practices through an employer lens: A path to financial well-being for working caregivers

This audiocast offers a roadmap to promote the financial well-being of all working caregivers, delineating immediate and longer term recommendation and suggested strategies for implementation by diverse groups of employers.


Cynthia Hutchins

Director of Financial Gerontology, Retirement Research & Insights

Using plan design to support diverse workforces

Understanding the differences between demographic segments can help employers design benefit plans that address diverse needs and enhance employee engagement.


Kai Walker

Head of Inclusion Transformation