Maximizing your businesses value with a workplace retirement plan

Much more than a retirement savings plan


Do you think of SEP and SIMPLE IRAs and other workplace retirement plans as just “retirement savings plans”? Consider this: Workplace retirement plans may help your bottom line, enhance employee satisfaction, and make it easier for you later to accumulate and transfer wealth created by your business — at far less cost than you may think.


Employer benefits of investing in workplace retirement plans


Research has shown that planning for retirement is one of the most important financial priorities for employees.1 Yet many business owners believe that workplace retirement plans are too expensive, or have felt forced by changing economic conditions to move retirement planning to the back burner.


The good news is that affordable retirement plans exist for business owners and offer many benefits including:


  • Retirement plans are often easy to set up
  • Plans can be structured to meet any number of needs
  • Potentially immediate tax advantages
  • Attracting and retaining talent

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Bank of America 2021 Workplace Benefits Report.