Small business retirement plans

The importance of employer perceptions of benefits and costs


At any given time, only about half of U.S. private sector workers are covered by an employer-sponsored retirement plan, and few workers save without one. The coverage gap, which undermines the retirement income security of the nation’s workers, is driven by a lack of coverage among small employers. But, in fact, about half of firms with fewer than 100 employees do offer a plan for their employees.


2023 Small Employer Retirement Survey summary


This study presents results from our 2023 Small Employer Retirement Survey, which provides an up-to date and comprehensive understanding of why some small firms offer retirement plans and the barriers preventing other small firms from offering one. A unique aspect of this survey is the inclusion of 100 firms with 0 to 4 employees, a group typically ignored in most small business retirement surveys.


Key Survey insights:

  • Firms’ perceptions of the value of retirement plans for hiring and retaining workers and of the costs involved are important determinants of whether they offer, or will likely offer, a plan.
  • As in previous surveys, firms report that the two main barriers to offering a plan are: – Revenue stability/size of the firm – Perceived costs or administrative burden of having a plan
  • However, concerns about costs or administrative burdens are driven by misperceptions; many firms are unaware of lower-cost options and tax credits.
  • Finally, the recent growth of state-sponsored retirement programs may encourage firms without a plan to offer one.

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Read our study for more information as the results of this study suggest that many firms overestimate the financial and time costs required to offer a plan, and that better awareness of lower-cost plan options and tax credits could help move the needle on the coverage gap.

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