How diversity and inclusion can contribute to success in the workplace

While both can help strengthen a company, diversity and inclusion (D&I) are complementary goals.


What’s Diversity in the workplace?


Diversity is the act of ensuring that a workplace represents the world at large, with employees from a range of personality types and life experiences, including veteran status, as well as representing all races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, cultures, religions and perspectives.


What does Inclusion in the workplace mean?


Inclusion is the proactive and intentional steps employers and companies take to promote diversity in the workplace to make sure all points of view are represented and valued while also creating opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to engage and connect.


Employers understand the importance of D&I programs. Here’s what they say:


Top 5 benefits to offering a D&I program:

The right thing to do

Something that builds a strong company culture

Important for retaining talent

Improving brand image

Necessary for keeping up with the industry

D&I programs still have a way to go:

Employers who offer diversity and inclusion programs

Employers who are considering offering diversity and inclusion programs in the future

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