Joint Use of Personal Data

BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd. (the Company) will handle the joint use of personal data as follows:


Joint Use


1. Items of personal data that the Company will share with the joint user will be as follows:





  • Name
  • Address or Location
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Occupation and Place of Work
  • Work E-mail Address
  • Account Number
  • Transaction Information
  • Account Number of Bank Transfer
  • Corporate Name
  • Location
  • Employment Management Information of Employees
  • Other information (including "sensitive information") to be acquired following the customer's consent and used to the extent required to secure transactions made in the ordinary course of the Company's business




    2. The joint user in Section 1 above will be the following:

    1) A Bank of America group company.

    A Bank of America group company shall be an affiliate of Bank of America Corporation, the ultimate holding company of the Company; and

    2) Merrill Lynch Reinsurance Solution Ltd.

    Merrill Lynch Reinsurance Solution Ltd is an affiliate of Bank of America Corporation and might be a party at the contract of insurance indemnity.


    3. The Company and the joint user described in Section 2 above will handle the personal data listed in Section 1 above(within the scope of the Company’s purpose of use of personal information – see Purposes of Use) in order to provide the best products and services, to process various transactions and/or to judge the suitability of products and services in light of the Company’s general rules of adequacy, risk management, prevention of unfair trade, performance management, business analysis, labor management, etc.


    4. The Chief Personal Data Officer will be responsible for managing the personal data listed in Section 1 above.


    Chief Personal Data Officer: BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd.


    Revised on November 1, 2020


    (Translation from Japanese)