Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The Branch will handle personal information of customers of the Branch within the scope necessary for the following Business and Purposes of use:


  • Banking core Deposit business, exchange business, money exchange business, foreign exchange business and related ancillary business;
  • Other banking business and related ancillary business permitted under laws and regulations (including those which a bank will be authorized to operate)

Personal Data

Personal Data is information defined under article 2 of the Personal Information Protection Law that identifies an individual or relates to an identifiable individual, including but not limited to:

  • Name
  • Account details and related contact information
  • Corporate Name
  • Address or Location
  • Telephone or fax number
  • Email address and other identifying addresses for electronic communications
  • Date of birth
  • Details from passports and other government or state issued forms of personal identification (including social security, driver’s license, national insurance and other identifying numbers)
  • ·Photographic or video images
  • ·Signature
  • Telephonic or electronic recordings
  • Account Number of Bank Transfer
  • Employment Management Information of Employees
  • Other information (including "sensitive information") to be acquired following the customer's consent and used to the extent required to secure transactions made in the ordinary course of the Branch's business
  • To facilitate event management (virtual or in-person), in addition to the data mentioned above we may also collect (You provide Personal Data through the event registration process):
    • Dietary requirements
    • Special assistance needs (hearing, sight or physical impairment)
    • Travel details
    • Spouse/ partner name
    • Name and age of child/children (collected through parents or guardians attending events)
    • Speaker biographies

Purposes of Use

  • soliciting, selling, and providing services and information relating to securities and other various financial instruments;
  • accepting applications for account openings and various financial instruments and services;
  • confirming identity of individual customer as required by laws and regulations and reviewing customer eligibility for various financial instruments and services;
  • management of administrations in ongoing transactions such as maturity date management in deposit and/or loan transactions;
  • the Branch’s decision making as to applications for loans or its continuing usage;
  • reviewing the appropriateness of providing certain financial instruments and services to the customer, including judgments based on the principle of suitability;
  • providing customers personal information to the third parties to the extent required to perform operations in credit business;
  • performing delegated services involving the handling of personal information in an appropriate manner when any part or all of the handling is entrusted;
  • exercising rights and fulfilling obligations under the contracts with customers, applicable domestic and foreign laws, regulations, etc. and contracts executed in accordance with such laws and regulations;
  • provision in response to the request from domestic and foreign regulators with legitimate authority;
  • research on and/or development of financial instruments and services by conducting market research, data analysis, and/or surveys;
  • proposal of various financial instruments and services including sending direct mail;
  • proposal of financial instruments and services provided by associated entities of Bank of America and/or its partner companies;
  • cancelling transactions and administrative management afterwards; and
  • any other purposes in connection with the adequate and smooth performance of transactions between the Branch and its customers.


Notwithstanding the purposes of use of personal information above, the Branch will use individual number to a limited extent for the purpose of “administrative duties relating to application or notification of account opening for financial instruments transactions” and “administrative duties relating to preparation or submission of legal documents for financial instruments transactions”.

Purpose of use of personal information in connection with event management and execution:

(a) Ensuring all participants have a safe and enjoyable experience

(b) Providing notifications concerning the event

(c) Providing analysis to improve our events and develop new events, determine their overall effectiveness and enhance products and services

(d) Operating and expanding our business activities.

(e) Disclosing personal data to our third party service providers who provide services. such as marketing and event management and execution (event vendors, organizers, volunteers, contractors, and sponsors


Individuals may submit personal data about their minor children or legal wards in relation to attendance at or participation in an event.  

Individual parents or guardians must have the legal authority to disclose such personal data to us and make decisions related to processing of such personal data in connection with the event.    This personal data of minors will only be used for event registration and participation purposes.

At the time of registration participants may tell us about disabilities that may require accommodation, or special needs related to religious beliefs, and/or health characteristics, e.g. dietary requirements.

This information will be used only to the extent necessary to facilitate any disability or special accommodations. Similarly, certain registration details may include sensitive personal data (e.g., dietary restrictions may indicate a particular religious belief). Such data will be used only to facilitate event participation.


The Branch shall not use or provide to third parties, customer information concerning race, thoughts and beliefs, family origin, domicile of origins, health insurance and medical care, criminal records and other non-public special information of which the Branch acquired in the course of business operation in accordance with Ordinance for Enforcement of the Banking Act and related laws and regulations, except for the purpose necessary for the proper operation of its business or otherwise

Please note that the scope of purpose of use of personal information is regulated by the laws and regulations, and the personal information shall not be used outside of the regulated scope of purpose.



Revised on December 11, 2023

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