bofa global research

2023 Year Ahead Outlook

From recession to rebound, BofA Global Research shares its latest views.

Michael Hartnett

Chief Investment Strategist

What to expect from global markets

Hartnett discusses his market outlook for 2023, what history may tell us and why asset classes battered by recent market conditions could rebound in the year ahead. 

People are looking for new leadership in the markets, and small-cap stocks will be part of that."

Helen Qiao

Chief Greater China Economist and Head of Asia Economics Research

What’s ahead for China?

Qiao discusses what’s ahead for China’s reopening, its struggling property market, consumer demand and how China can overcome its challenges in the year ahead.

Chinese consumers are waiting for the time when their spending power can finally be unleashed."

Michael Gapen

Head of U.S. Economics     

What’s ahead for the U.S. economy?

Gapen shares insights on what to expect from a potential downturn, and where inflation, interest rates and a still-hot labor market may be headed.

Housing is one sector that has slowed meaningfully in response to tighter monetary policy."

Francisco Blanch

Head of Global Commodities and Derivatives Research

What’s ahead for global commodities?

Blanch discusses the outlook for a range of commodities and how China’s reopening could affect the global economy.

The scarcity of energy supplies is going to make it hard for central banks to both tame inflation and stop raising interest rates."