Technology Innovation Summit 2022

Annual gathering of industry leaders in Silicon Valley


Our 12th Technology Innovation Summit gathered industry leaders from private companies and VCs, along with our banking and technology executives to explore potential partnerships, discuss market trends and priorities for the future. We asked these leaders their thoughts on trends and outlook.

A view from the experts

  • Video 1: What advice would you give a startup working with a large organization like Bank of America?
    Kirk Haslbeck, Vice President of Engineering and Data Quality, Collibra
  • Video 2: What do you believe future founders in tech need to succeed and make an impact?
    Aaron Samuels, Founder and Managing Partner, Collide Capital
  • Video 3: What is observability and how does it apply to organizations large and small?
    Clint Sharp, CEO, Cribl

Market perspective on technology banking

  • Video 1: What questions should a company ask themselves when considering an IPO?
    Neil Kell, Head of Global TMT Equity Capital Markets, Bank of America
  • Video 2: What are the key considerations for tech companies looking to acquire others?
    Johnny Williams, Co-head of Global Technology Investment Banking, Bank of America

Digital evolution in enterprise tech

  • Video 1: How does Bank of America motivate teams to innovate at such tremendous scale?
    Aditya Bhasin, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Bank of America
  • Video 2: Why is it so important to prioritize diversity in all forms in technology roles?
    Michelle Boston, Global Technology Data Management Executive, Bank of America
  • Video 3: Why is it so important to hire neurodiverse employees?
    Craig Froelich, Chief Information Security Officer, Bank of America
  • Video 4: How will data solutions benefit the bank and its customers in the future?
    Hari Gopalkrishnan, Chief Information Officer, Bank of America