Driving ESG Through Treasury Operations

How Bank of America can help

Every day, companies, institutions and communities work together on environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities that will affect generations to come. ESG is embedded across Bank of America, and in the innovative solutions we deliver to meet client needs and help shape a better future.


What impact will your business have? Aligning your treasury function with your company’s broader ESG agenda is the first step toward incorporating green and ESG principles into treasury practices and governance. Let us help you explore the possibilities.


Environmental, Social, Governance

What’s good for society can be good for business: companies with a strong ESG focus are less likely to fail.

Source: BofA Global Research

Putting ESG at the heart of digital

Using automated and digital solutions to move away from paper and plastic can reduce your environmental impact. It can also help speed transactions, enable business continuity and improve overall security. Solutions include:


CashPro®— the complete digital platform for payments, receipts, liquidity, investments, FX and trade

Card and Comprehensive Payables—virtual solutions that go beyond plastic

Intelligent Receivables—a smarter way to reconcile





An ESG lens on liquidity and deposits

ESG is becoming a vital part of investment strategies, making it easier for companies to seek more environmentally friendly and socially responsible approaches while maintaining competitive returns. Consider investing all or part of your excess liquidity in green or ESG-friendly options, including:


  • Money market mutual funds graded using ESG criteria
  • Loan discounts linked to a company’s ESG rating
  • Global Liquidity Investment Solutions (GLIS)