To the Moon(shots)

The radical tech representing $6tn in market opportunities

Key takeaways

  • Moonshots could be the next major tech franchises.
  • The adoption of many technologies, such as smartphones, has surpassed experts’ forecasts by decades because we often think linearly but progress occurs exponentially.
  • Faster processing power, the rise of artificial intelligence, and big data analytics could bring about a fast rollout of disruptive tech.
  • 6G will likely replace 5G before it is even fully deployed, potentially making 5G one of the shortest-lived technologies.

Haim Israel, Head of Global Thematic Investing Research, explains how 14 moonshots – or radical technologies – could represent approximately $6 trillion in market opportunities by the 2030s. He also discusses the rapid pace of technological transformation and the need for companies to invest in “the next big thing” or risk becoming displaced.

Watch the CNBC TV interview and read the redacted report "To the Moon(shots)! – Future Tech Primer."

"We are moving into a world of data…whoever controls data will control the world."