Beyond Paper

Insights to speed your digital transformation

Several factors are fueling the latest wave of paper-to-electronic conversion. In today’s environment, reducing costs, simplifying processes and boosting working capital are critical to success. With office access restricted, the ability to make payments and post cash remotely is also crucial. With check costs rising and sustainability in focus, there’s never been a better time to go beyond paper.

B2B Payments

Tech advances and “consumerization” are making the switch to electronic easier. This can help companies improve working capital, increase automation, reduce risk and strengthen supplier relationships.


In this article, BofA’s Stephanie Wilczewski and Rina Bakhtiani guide you through steps to convert more supplier payments to card, ACH and U.S. Real-Time Payments (RTP®).

B2C Payments

Consumers now expect to be paid instantly and through their preferred channel. From insurance claims to payroll and public sector benefits, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you reach individual recipients quickly and safely.


BofA’s Fiona Deroo and Allison Shonerd outline solutions, use cases and more in this article.


The ability to post cash faster—remotely from a home office—has never been more important. We offer wide-ranging solutions that help streamline processes and shift more receipts to electronic.


Liba Saiovici, BofA’s global head of receivables, describes how artificial intelligence and e-commerce can help optimize B2B receivables.