Digital by Design

We’re seeing that the businesses making the most successful transitions are those using technology to reconsider the way the entire company works. They’re viewing digital not as a separate strategy, but the driving force behind meeting the requirements of customers, and employees.

Photo of Wendy Stewart, President Global Commercial Banking

Wendy Stewart


Global Commercial Banking

Photo of Raul Anaya, President Business Banking

Raul Anaya


Business Banking

Cover of the BofA Digital by design report

What does it mean to become a "digital by design" organization?

Becoming a "digital by design" organization is not just adding a few digital solutions, but more about applying technology to transform operations and experiences. Our report helps you continue to map your transition.

Developing a digital edge


What does a digital-first approach look like for today’s business? Data-driven decisions and next-generation security are key building blocks.


Making the case for digital transformation


Digital transformation is mission-critical today. But execution and adoption call for consensus. Is there agreement on the strategy and investment? How do you make the case for the shiſt and align all of your stakeholders?


Protecting the bottom line


Data volume is exploding and treasurers are taking on expanded responsibilities as the first line of defense. It’s no easy task. Does your team have the skills and data insights needed to guard the business?