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Advanced ETF trading

Intelligent resources for complex markets

As the ETF market continues to grow, finding liquidity for larger trades remains a challenge, and sourcing cross-asset liquidity is essential. We help you navigate this competitive landscape, offering enhanced liquidity, knowledgeable insights and advanced global trading solutions.


Market-leading expertise

  • #1 Market share in many of the most widely traded ETFs1
  • Leading ETF platform with agency, risk and creation/redemption-focused desks
  • Can transact in most of the world’s underlying markets
  • Access to ETF flow analysis across all of BofA Securities global sales and trading desks
  • Deep knowledge of market micro structure and ETF patterns

Advanced Execution Solution

  • The Instinct ETF algorithm utilizes tools previously available only to sophisticated sell side trading desks
  • Our proprietary algorithm performs real-time analysis of market depth and pricing across most U.S. ETF related sources of liquidity
  • The Instinct ETF algorithm engine optimizes executions against the ETF, its underlying constituents, and futures
  • Our high-speed, multi-asset routing capability quickly and efficiently accesses liquidity across multiple trading venues
  • Based on the fills in the ETF, its underlying constituents and futures, the Instinct ETF algorithm engine calculates the corresponding price in the ETF itself and delivers the ETF back to the client

24 hour ETF trading

  • BofA Securities makes markets in over 25+ U.S.-listed ETFs during Asian and European hours
  • Allows clients to adjust U.S. ETF exposure by transacting in U.S.-listed ETFs during non-U.S. trading hours

Typical ETF creation workflow

ETC creation workflow
EFV Example:
  • iShares MSCI EAFE Value ETF (EFV) trades around 4.6 million shares/day 
  • EFV has implied liquidity of 37.6 million shares
  • You can trade 8x the ETFs ADV via the underlyings basket

Source: Bloomberg

EFV Example

Global equity capabilities

  • Leader in international ETF creations and redemptions
  • Ability to trade locally in almost all underlying markets
  • Total agency creation/redemption in over 2,920 ETF's in 2022 2

Dedicated research and analysis

  • BofAS is the first sell-side firm with ETF ratings
  • Our ETF coverage universe of 300 ETFs are US Large Cap, Mid Cap, and Sector Equity ETFs that have been in existence for at least one year and have a minimum of $75 million in market cap.

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1Source: Bloomberg.

2Source: BofA ETF Trading Desk.