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Count on us for tools, people and technology to help make your business more intelligent, more competitive and, like us, data driven. Watch our video to see how we can harness data to support your business.

Managing data through innovation

Managing data through innovation

We can help you make the move to smarter, more intuitive solutions that transform data so it works to advance your business goals. 

Intelligent Receivables

Take the manual work out of reconciling receipts with artificial intelligence.

CashPro® Forecasting

 See how machine learning can help you get a better grip on future cash flows. 

Instinct® FX API

Make business easier by connecting directly to CashPro through your enterprise software.

Intelligent Deductions

Track and manage deductions through their life cycle using sophisticated automation.

Auto FX

Automatically convert eligible payments into a beneficiary’s local currency.

Treasury Innovation

Enabling better treasury decisions with data

Once siloed as an IT function, data analysis now offers treasurers a valuable strategic tool.