FX Treasury Solutions

Making global transactions easier


Today’s always-connected global economy means that companies seeking to unlock growth must be nimble and find ways to navigate world markets. Whether you’re new to FX or expanding your horizons, you can look to us for the strategic guidance to help you stay ahead with solutions that make business easier.

Guaranteed FX rates

See how locking in exchange rates for up to 180 days can ease payments flows, simplify reconciliation and reduce accounting noise due to daily mark-to-market.

Instant Cross-border Payments (IXP)

IXP enables initiation and disbursement of low-value, high volume, cross-border payments in near real-time. It uses distributed ledger technology to create a transparent and instant disbursement of funds to beneficiaries across international borders.


Connect your systems to application programming interfaces (APIs) to initiate real-time FX requests.

CashPro® FX API

Get live FX rate requests (RFQs) for more than 140 currencies.

CashPro® Flow API

Lock in guaranteed FX up to 180 days. 

CashPro® Payments Initiation API

Automate payment execution.

Instinct® FX API

Trade FX with streaming live FX rates.

FX Receivables

Learn how you can convert inbound foreign currency receipts and concentrate them into your Bank of America account. FX Receivables offers your clients the convenience of paying in local currency, while you reap the many benefits of simplifying your cross-currency collections.

Auto Convert

Automatically convert payments into a beneficiary’s local currency. Auto Convert utilizes data intelligence to read the outbound payment details and determine if the beneficiary account is held in USD or in local currency. This solution offers payment efficiency, reduces foreign bank lifting fees, and creates a positive client experience

Multicurrency Netting

Centralize your intercompany transactions with FX netting to save time, reduce wire transfers and FX expenses.