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Get more out of your business soſtware

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When you integrate your systems with ours through CashPro Connect, you’re unleashing the full power of your business soſtware. Enabling you to send multiple payment types globally. Receive payments with enhanced remittance data for faster reconciliation. And see rich reporting data that helps you make smarter decisions. All within your enterprise, financial and accounting soſtware, through your choice of file format.

Complete global payments and receipts

Make payments in more than 140 currencies to 190 countries — covering wires, multiple types of ACH payments, FX and more. Receive ACH, wire, lockbox and remote deposits with extra remittance data. All in a single file.

Seamless integration

CashPro Connect supports a wide range of file formats, offering you unmatched flexibility. So you can automate tedious transactions, simplify workflows, reduce risks and boost productivity.

  • ISO 20022 XML
  • ASC X12/EDI
  • BAI2
  • CSV
  • And many more


At the edge of what’s next

Every day, we’re investing in our people and the technology needed to give you the simplicity and connectivity to be at the edge of what’s next.

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