Global Presence & Capabilities - Brazil

Fornecendo perspectivas, ideias, soluções e acesso no Brasil


A América Latina e, especialmente o Brasil, tem sido um ponto central da estratégia internacional do BofAML ao longo dos anos.


Em 2011, a principal entidade jurídica do banco no Brasil foi atualizada para um banco comercial sob o nome de Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banco Múltiplo S.A., o que possibilitou ao banco oferecer soluções locais de tesouraria além das capacidades existentes de banco de investimento, vendas institucionais, negociações e pesquisa. O principal objetivo do BofAML Banco Múltiplo S.A. é promover a prestação serviços completos e de alta qualidade aos clientes com operações no Brasil.


Desenvolvemos soluções completas e personalizadas para ajudar o cliente a atender necessidades exclusivas de tesouraria, melhorar a competitividade financeira, tornar as funções de tesouraria mais eficientes, gerenciar saldos de caixa ociosos, gerenciar informações de tesouraria, monitorar as posições de caixa e simplificar os pagamentos e recebimentos.


A equipe de cobertura do sistema bancário corporativo concentra-se em grandes empresas brasileiras e clientes de serviços bancários internacionais para subsidiárias (international subsidiary banking, ISB) para oferecer uma variedade de soluções que incluem derivativos locais, produtos de comércio local e no exterior, empréstimos no exterior e gestão de caixa.


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Global Treasury Capabilities

BofAML has products structured to assist companies in managing cash position, cash flow and business capital flows associated with a company's core operations.


Some banking services may also be facilitated through a strategic provider bank with local expertise, significant market presence, cutting edge technology and wide geographical coverage. All local capabilities are integrated with global BofAML interfaces. As part of our global working capital management solutions, our efforts are focused toward building technology and information bridges between our clients and the bank.


  • Accounts — The basic BRL operating account is referred to as a current or checking account and can be held by resident or nonresident corporations. Interest is not paid on current accounts and savings accounts generally pay interest monthly. Overdrafts on current accounts are permitted and supported by BofAML in Brazil.

  • Payments — BofAML is a direct member of all the relevant clearing systems and has established a platform to handle local payments that allows supplier and vendor payments as well as accounts payable in a simple/automated way. This platform allows the client to send electronic payment instructions (TED, DOC, book transfers) to the bank via data entry on screen, file import or direct file connection, which then is formatted to the appropriate local format to be processed through the clearings. Cross-border payments require a signed FX agreement with a local Bank, some exceptions apply.

  • Trade Products — Brazilian exporters seek financing alternatives which anticipate future payments arising from the export of goods or services and reduced finance rates to fulfill export transactions without disrupting their cash flow. BofAML Banco Múltiplo S/A, our Brazilian licensed bank entity ("Bank of America Merrill Lynch"), offers two standard methods of financing to exporters. Brazil Export Financing can enable you to:

    • Advance under Foreign Exchange Export Contract (ACC), which is a pre-shipment short term (up to 360 days) financing option
    • Advance under Foreign Exchange Export Contract with presentation of Export Documents (ACE), a post-shipment (up to 360 days) financing option
    • Obtain financing at advantageous rates when compared with local rates
    • Lower or eliminate future foreign exchange exposure on the export sale
    • Finance either the full amount or a portion of the export sale
  • Collections — Each individual country has different collection methods. Through our provider bank, we are able to offer our clients the best collection network in the country using their expertise and knowledge of the local collections systems with reporting into BofAML systems. Information from each local bank will be provided to BofAML and available to you via CashPro® Online.

  • Technology and Client Access — Our unique integrated platform, Cash Pro Online (CPO), an internet based payment and reporting service that helps centralize the initiation and management of local payments in Brazil, provides unparalleled benefits to our clients. This service allows you to execute local payments in Brazil as well as in other Latin American countries from any of your company's locations, along with statements and reports that add value to the client's cash flow. Payments are initiated in a highly secured environment, using BofAML's stringent internet security standards.

  • Information — A number of reports are available in CPO to help you manage the payment process, and the complete balance and transaction information on your accounts can be accessed using Information Reporting. Both payment initiation and information reporting can be accessed through CashPro Online, our web-based client access channel that allows companies to perform a full
    range of treasury management functions.

  • Liquidity Solutions — PCC (Physical Cash Concentration) structures according to local regulations are available for accounts with the same CNPJ (local tax-ID). There are a number of short term investment options for resident or nonresident corporations. Highly liquid mutual funds and savings accounts are the principal options, along with government securities and certificates of deposit.Brazil Auto-Invest turns Brazilian Real (BRL) cash surpluses into working funds by sweeping all balances over your designated minimum into an investment in bank Certificates of Deposit (CDBs), helping to optimize your company's excess cash. We automatically calculate your investible balances based on parameters you establish for minimum retained balance and minimum investment amount. Monthly
    summary and detail statements show you what has been invested and how much you have earned.

  • Tax and Utility Payment Solutions — To conduct your day-to-day business in one of the largest economies in the world, you need a variety of cash management options that include competitive payment vehicles. BofAML Banco Múltiplo S.A. offers both host-to-host and manual data entry solutions for tax and utility payments. You can access your account information with all debits directly through our worldwide client access channel, CashPro® Online, at your convenience from anywhere in Brazil or across the globe. Payment products available include:

    • Bar code taxes
    • Non-bar code taxes
    • Utility payments

    To complement our offering of Treasury Management Products, all clients have access to a fully dedicated local sales team already in place in Sao Paulo and to the Bank of America Shared Service Centers as your one stop shop for all your needs in Brazil and the entire Latin America region. For more information on our regional services, contact your Global Treasury Services representative.

Global Markets and Investment Banking Capabilities

BofAML provides large domestic and global corporations and financial institutions with merger and acquisition (M&A) advice, lending, risk management, treasury, liquidity and payments management services, as well as innovative equity and debt capital raising and financing solutions.


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